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Passion Fruit & Lemon

When we were in Australia two years ago, visiting my brother, I was amazed to see passion fruits growing all over his garden wall, providing not only beautiful purple flowers but a whole summer’s supply of that gorgeous golden nectar. My husband was in heaven for the short time we were there, as he is particularly passionate (sorry) about the fruit, and will buy anything he can get his hands on which is flavoured with it – yoghurts, coulis, ice-cream…and I have also been known to devise and adapt recipes to include passion fruit – all in the name of love brownie point scoring.

In terms of pairings, I find it complements so many flavours – chocolate (especially white), other exotic fruits such as pineapples and mangoes, and citrus fruits – lemon, lime and orange. In the past I have made tarts, possets, mousses and ice-cream but this is one of my favourites: Tea Cup Passion Fruit Puddings.

This recipe is a lovely dinner party dessert – even better, it can be made in advance, and heated up gently while you are eating your main course. It originally featured lemon curd and raspberries, but the swapping the latter for passion fruit did it no harm at all.

INGREDIENTS – Makes 4 large or 6 small cups

250 g Lemon curd

4 ripe passion fruits, seeds and pulp removed

3 large eggs

100g golden caster sugar

85g butter, melted

100ml milk

140g plain flour

½ tsp baking powder

Icing sugar, to dust


–       Heat oven to 160C

–       Mix 150g of the curd with the passion fruit seeds and pulp.


–      Divide between the cups.


–      Put the eggs and sugar together in a large bowl.


–       Whisk until pale and fluffy.


–       Add the remaining 100g of curd, butter, milk, flour and baking powder. Fold the mixture together with a metal spoon until there are no visible lumps of flour, then divide between the teacups.


–       Line a roasting tin with a tea-towel.

–       Put the teacups in the roasting tin. Carefully fill the tin with hot water from a kettle to come about halfway up the sides of the teacups


–       Bake for 50 mins until risen and golden.

–       Dust with icing sugar.


–       Serve with creme fraiche or clotted cream.

–       Once cooked, you can cool the puddings and chill for up to a day. To reheat bake for 15 mins at 160C. They are just as good.

I wish I had taken a photo of these half eaten because I could have shown you how light and fluffy the sponge is above the silky sauce – but I guess you will just have to make them yourselves to find that out!