I have loved food and cooking all my life, and only wish it was my full time profession!  Instead I had a career in marketing and advertising prior to having my family; my kids Sam and Lily are now 13 & 11. We live with my husband Chris just north west of London. I am incredibly lucky to have the time to explore my love of food and because I love the book, my blog unashamedly robs the Taste Thesaurus’ concept by testing and reinventing new flavour combinations. The idea is that each post introduces a flavour pairing, which then hopefully invites other ideas and recipes along the same lines. It won’t work without you so please do comment and share!



ps I need to apologise for some of the more ‘obvious’ photos. Yes, we all know what a chopped onion/chilli/bowl of suagar & eggs looks like, but I am living in hope that my kids will one day take an interest in cooking and the step by step instructions & images can only help!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. apsara

    hi Carrie, just found your blog, I like the name of it, very novel! Looking forward to your posts, as I look through the ones already here!


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